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Davis v. County Board of Education (1999) Schools and school
districts can be held liable for student-on-student harassment,
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. "Title IX
damages action may lie against a school board in cases of
student-on-student harassment, but only where the funding recipient
[the school] is deliberately indifferent to sexual harassment, of which
the recipient has actual knowledge, and that harassment is so
severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it can be said to
deprive the victims of access to the educational opportunities or
benefits provided by the school." U.S. Supreme Court.

Gebser v. Lago Vista Independent School District (1998) A school
district is not liable for harassment if the appropriate person at the
school (the principal or dean) did not have actual notice of it.  
"We conclude that damages may not be recovered in those  
circumstances unless an official of the school district who at a
minimum has authority to institute corrective measures on the
district's behalf [the principal or dean] has actual notice of, and is
deliberately indifferent to, the teacher's misconduct." U.S. Supreme


Department of Education Office For Civil Rights
Helpful information about the law and policies for filing a complaint
about sexual harassment and discrimination in schools and
universities.  They handle complaints against schools that do not
take proper action regarding sexual harassment.  They do not
handle complaints about the harasser individually.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Helpful information about the law and procedures for filing a
complaint about sexual harassment and discrimination in the
workplace.  There is a special website set up for youth who may be
experiencing sexual harassment or discrimination at work.  
Visit the
EEOC Youth@Work page.

Sexual Harassment Support  is a comprehensive website that
provides support, information, and resources for sexual harassment
victims.  They also provide an on-line peer-peer support forum with
emphasis on education and recovery.  The site contains a variety of
links and information for victims in the US and internationally.

Information On Sexual Harassment is a website maintained by
Penn State University Delaware Campus, with example harassment
situations, links to other web sites, legal aspects with examples of
court cases, and a "What If?" section covering many aspects of

Sexual Harassment In Schools, an ongoing project of the Center
For Research On Women at Wellesley College, provides a number
of Sexual Harassment Publications available for sale and has links
to their research projects.

The American Bar Association maintains a number of useful sites,
Running The Gauntlet No More: Using Title IX To End
Student-To-Student Sexual Harassment.

The American Medical Association site contains discussions of
sexual harassment issues in the Code of Medical Ethics section,
policy opinion E-3.08, "Sexual Harassment and Exploitation Between
Medical Supervisors and Trainees."

Clarifying Cases of Sexual Harassment is an article published by
the American Psychological Association web journal, "APA Monitor
Online", which explains recent Supreme Court decisions about
Sexual Harassment.

Bully Police USA maintains a website providing comprehensive
information on bullying and the state laws, or lack of state laws, in
the US.

Lawguru.com is a legal website offering a bulletin board with an
archive of questions and answers on a variety of law-related topics,
links, legal news, chats, and FAQs.

Landolt & Associates is a law firm in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area
providing assistance to victims of sexual harassment and bullying
as well as Mediation, Bankruptcy, Employment Law, and
Entertainment Law services.
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